Hummus Refi

Our mission: Satisfying customers to create loyalty

Who Are We?

The success story of Hummus Refi, one of the brands of Khairat Refi Limited Company, began in Sari branch (Jeddah). After establishing a small trading enterprise, its first restaurant was opened in 2000. This pioneering experience marked the region’s introduction to national restaurant chains specializing in serving traditional cuisine in a modern and distinctive way.

Following this, new branches were established in Sultanah (Madinah) in 2003, followed by Safa (Jeddah) in 2008, then the Diri branch in Madinah, and the Tahlia and Prince Sultan Street branches in Jeddah. In early April 2022, branches were opened in Makkah at Al-Shawqiyyah and Al-Awali.


At Hummus Refi, we provide high-quality, healthy food by preparing and serving nutritious snacks made from high-nutrient raw materials.

Our Goal

To provide nutritious and value-packed meals within our geographical scope, and to expand and spread our presence to cover new regions. This aims to contribute to enhancing the quality of meals in our surroundings.

بوكس حمص ريفي

Our Dishes