Hisham Ahmed Abu Auf: “Hummus Refi” has been registered in several countries worldwide as part of an initiative aimed at promoting successful Saudi brands globally.

The founder and CEO of Hummus Refi restaurants, Mr. Hisham Ahmed Abu Auf, revealed that the brand has been registered in several countries worldwide as part of an initiative aimed at promoting successful Saudi brands globally. Abu Auf, in an exclusive interview, confirmed the conditions for granting franchises to those interested, what they offer to franchisees, and how to maintain the success and reputation of the brand..

To the dialogue:

How did the idea start and where have you reached today?

After completing my hotel management studies in Jordan in the mid-nineties, at that time, traditional food in Saudi Arabia did not quite match the taste of the Saudi consumer. Popular restaurants were not well-received, especially given the lack of professionalism and weak regulatory oversight at that time.

After completing my hotel management studies, I decided to start my own project and fulfill my dream of elevating traditional cuisine, raising the level of competition, and improving standards in the Saudi market. This was to restore confidence in traditional dishes and enhance them to be both local and globally spreadable with international standards.

What are the main products you offer?

Appetizers, Syrian and Hijazi dishes with a modern twist, tailored to suit the taste of our Saudi community.

How many branches do you have so far?

10 branches.

How did your brand become popular and achieve widespread recognition?

By building trust in what we offer to our customers in terms of products and through geographic presence in more than one city over the past 23 years.

What is the unique offering that you provide?

Hummus Refi started its operations in 2000, establishing a business model different from competitors by applying the highest standards in production and supply through equipped and licensed central kitchens with high specifications. This approach allowed Hummus Refi to stand out at that time and continues to do so.

Through these changes, we were able to redefine traditional dishes and present them in a modern way that suits the taste and needs of our customers.

The logo of Hummus Refi Restaurants

What is the secret to your success?

Firstly, success is from God. Secondly, continuous development and dealing with market changes and the evolving needs of our customers.

Do you offer franchise rights? Who qualifies for the franchise?

Yes, we currently grant franchise rights within the Kingdom, and soon internationally. The qualifications involve several points:

  • The region should be within the current expansion targets.
  • Dedication to managing the project.
  • Availability of suitable financial resources for the project.
  • Possession of some managerial skills.

What are your conditions for granting franchises?

  • Initial fee of 95,000 Saudi Riyals and a 7-year contract.
  • 6% of the sales.
  • 2.5% marketing fees.

How many franchise branches do you have in operation?

Our current branches are 7: Jeddah, Mecca, and Medina.

The actual launch of the franchise took place in early 2023, and thanks to God

two commercial franchise agreements have been signed and registered, one in Al-Madinah and the other in Jeddah.

Memoranda of Understanding and disclosure documents have been signed for two more agreements in Jeddah and Taif.

What do you offer to franchisees, and do you monitor branches in terms of quality and service?

At Hummus Refi, we provide all forms of support to franchisees to ensure a distinguished experience for Hummus Refi customers. With a focus on training and empowering franchisees on how to maintain the continuity of this distinguished experience. In this way, everyone is happy.

(Hummus Refi customers – franchisee – franchisor)

What are your future plans for local and international expansion?

  • Internally, expansion into major cities and medium-sized cities within the Kingdom.
  • Externally, the brand has been registered worldwide, and the goal of registration is to elevate Saudi brands to convey our culture and values. Through successful business ventures, we aim for the world to get to know us.

How do you see the future of franchising in the Kingdom?

The leadership in the Kingdom places significant emphasis on commercial franchising, dedicating efforts to harnessing potential and creating a conducive environment for both franchisors and franchisees. This undoubtedly makes the future of commercial franchising promising.

A final word

In my journey since I started my hotel management studies outside the Kingdom, as the specialization was not available at the time. And after I started my work by expanding in the field of restaurants. I had the pride and honor to witness the size of the development that has taken place in the hospitality sector, and the development of the Saudi individual and its impact on the transfer and development of the sector. Due to the entry of the sons of the homeland to the field of hospitality and the attention of the leadership of the Kingdom, may God protect them, the brands in Saudi Arabia have become very competitive and have a high level of reliability, competing and even surpassing all other brands. Saudi brands have become attractive and have begun to spread outside our geographical scope, and the sons of our dear homeland have become a source of inspiration for all corners of the world.

I assure everyone that the field is promising for you, the sons of the homeland, and all sources of support are available from the leadership, may God protect them, so that you can take off with all your strength and without limits.

Source: Franchising.sa

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